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    Synthetic & Athletic Track

    Synthetic Track SW is a high performance, IAAF certified, athletic track system. It is a water impermeable surface which is highly spike resistant. Our Track SW is excellent choice for training as well as competion purpose. Due to its structured top layer it can also easily be used when it is wet or raining.

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    15 mm CC Titanium Grass

    We offers a wide range of turf products for different sporting uses. Our turf comes from both Europe and the Far East depending on the requirements of the customer, but all our turfs are internationally approved.  Due to water shortages as as well as longevity, many Indian customers are now looking at artificial turf for their sporting requirements.

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    Bellin Turf

    As a comprehensive solution supplier for all sports-surfacing needs, Bellinturf is dedicated to producing and developing the artificial turf for sports applications. Bellinturf football turf systems are specially designed to combine playability, durability and the demands of football activities which enable athletes to achieve perfect performance. Bellinturf independently set up the strict control test for quality, durability and performance to …

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    Football Turf ACT Global

    The FIFA Quality Licensee initiative ensures that artificial football turf fields meet the highest standards in terms of quality, performance and safety according to the needs of the end user. Act Global uses FIFA benchmarks in its product development, quality standards and sport performance test methods as they were based upon top professional natural grass stadiums.

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    Artificial Turf Titanium Grass

    Titanium – 50mm Grass Is Classified To the FIFA 2 Star

    A world standard multi play area with exceptional ball bounce and roll characteristics, great ball control and maximum comfort under foot. This synthetic all – weather solution plays just like the best natural turf pitches, but with much lower maintenance costs. In filled with silica and rubber granules to maintain …

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    Acrylic Flooring

    Health Park acrylic flooring is a high quality outdoor flooring which is a cost effective solutions for many customers. It can be used in most outdoor sports and gives you a nice aesthetic and professional look while being easy to maintain. Health Park also provides best in service capabilities in ensuring the flooring is installed properly which is critical for …

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    Interlocking Rubber Tiles

    We at Health Park bring to you a versatile range of interlocking rubber tiles. The tiles are made up of Recycled Malaysian rubber, highly compressed and diecut with perfection. Available in 16 mm 20mm and 25 mm thickness and each tile comes in 50 CM x 50 CM size and two variables are available.

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    Vinyl Flooring

    Sports vinyl is the most popular product used for sports today in India due to its versatility, ease of maintenance and vibrant colors. With our sports vinyl, you have the best product in the market. It is a European product, approved by several international federation and has been used in well over 1000 projects in India.

    Recommended Areas of Usage

    • Multi-purpose …
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    Squash Court

    Canadian Maple

    Squash is an indoor racquet sport. Formerly it was known as “Squash Racquets”. The game is played by either two players or four players and is known as ‘singles’ and ‘doubles’ respectively.

    • Air Cush Wooden Flooring
    • Squash Court Glass Back Wall
    • Squash Court Hard Plaster
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    Teak Wood

    Imported Teak Wood surface board finished with 20mm thick, 50 to 110mm width and in random length in tongue and groove shape. The edges of the boards will have a finger lock grove and the bottom side with air pass groove.

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    Maple Wood

    Supply Installation and finishing of Health park air cush wooden sports flooring’, free floating resilient sports flooring system, consisting of runners fixed with air cush” cushioning pads on the bottom side placed on the sub floor towelled and finished smooth . A seasoned European maple having finished thickness of 21 mm and machined to tongue and groove shape are then …

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    Rollable Badminton Mat