Artificial Turf Titanium Grass

Titanium – 50mm Grass Is Classified To the FIFA 2 Star

A world standard multi play area with exceptional ball bounce and roll characteristics, great ball control and maximum comfort under foot. This synthetic all – weather solution plays just like the best natural turf pitches, but with much lower maintenance costs. In filled with silica and rubber granules to maintain a professional playing standard, we recommend regular maintenance. To preserve playing performance over a longer period of time we recommend a shock pad to be used.


Technical Specification

» Material Dtex: PE11000

» Structure: Monofilament Yarn

» Pile Height (mm): 50

» Stitch Rate (Per 10cm): 14

» Gauge (inch): 5/8

» Stitches /m2: 8820

» Roll (Mtr) Width x Length: 4 of 2 x 25

» Backing: Triple layers + Black Latex

» It would need shock pad if this field want to do the Field test by FIFA, if it is a normal training field, then don’t have to use shock pad

Specification of Sub base (Soccer)

We at Health Park prefer Granular Sub base, for more details contact our Engineer’s Team.